Upgrade PixelExperience on DRG

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Manually upgrading PixelExperience

The updater app does not support upgrades from one version of PixelExperience to another, and will block installation to any update for a different version. Upgrading manually requires similar steps to installing PixelExperience for the first time.

  1. Download the PixelExperience install package that you’d like to install or build the package yourself.
  2. Make sure your computer has working adb. Setup instructions can be found here.
  3. Enable USB debugging on your device.
  4. Reboot into recovery by running adb reboot recovery, or by performing the following:
    • With the device powered off, hold Volume Up and connect to a computer.
  5. Now tap Wipe.
  6. Now tap Format Data and continue with the formatting process. This will remove encryption and delete all files stored in the internal storage.
  7. Sideload the PixelExperience .zip package:
    • On the device, select “Advanced”, “ADB Sideload”, then swipe to begin sideload.
    • On the host machine, sideload the package using: adb sideload filename.zip.
  8. Once you have installed everything successfully, run ‘adb reboot’.

Get assistance

If you have any questions or get stuck on any of the steps, feel free to ask on our Telegram group.